Friday, September 17, 2010

Oktoberfest dinner at Heritage Prairie Farm

For Matt's and my wedding anniversary this year, my parents, knowing that we like fresh food and farms, invited us to attend a farm dinner with them at Heritage Prairie Farm, way the heck west of the city in La Fox, Illinois.

The furthest I've ever been on the Metra - Zone I - La Fox is far.
Matt picked up the parents and me at the station, where we discovered what rush hour looks like in farmland...After the group of about 40 diners grabbed some appetizers and pre-dinner drinks in the barn, one of the farm's owners, Bronwyn, took us on a mini-tour of the farm.

Here we are in one of the greenhouses, which is currently growing microgreens, requested by some of the farm's chef clients in the city.
Cute little microgreens
Brownwyn shows us how they make little soil squares in which to plant seeds in the off season.
Next we headed to the fields. Here is a field of kale, ready to be eaten. In the background you can see a couple of the farm's mobile greenhouses, which enable them to extend the growing season. They start harvesting tomatoes in June!
Peppers and some lovely shades of chard, with more farm in the background.
Bronwyn talks about the farm, and her true love - beekeeping. The sun begins to set...
The sunset casts a beautiful glow upon the farm.
The sunset glowing off the silo, as we head back for dinner.
Getting seated for dinner.
Clockwise from bottom left: Red cabbage, German potato salad, carrot salad, heirloom tomato.
Spaetzel and chicken schnitzel
It wouldn't be Oktoberfest without a huge plate of sausages!
We each got a mini jar of Bron's honey to take home (you can buy your own from their online store, as well as a variety of markets and stores around the Chicagoland area). And last but not least, apple dumplings with ice cream, drizzled with Bron's honey!
Heritage Prairie Farm is located in La Fox, IL - There are two more farm dinners this year, which you can register for on their website.

You can find the farm's produce at their on-site market, the Geneva Green Market, Chicago's Green City Market, and you can purchase Bron's Bee Company honey online.


  1. Excellent photo essay. Now I want sausage.

  2. My daughter had her wedding at the farm this summer. The food and atmosphere was wonderful. Portia, Anna, Brownyn and all are terrific people!