Monday, August 9, 2010

They All Flock to the Guac

Want a rather tasty guacamole but don't feel like going through the effort to make it from scratch? I understand -- getting tomatoes, garlic, onion, cilantro, chiles, etc. and chopping them up just sometimes is a pain. And really after all, don't we all do the same thing when it comes to cilantro? We buy that giant bundle for a dollar or so at the store, use 1 tablespoon of it, and then set it in the fridge to finish out the rest of its days. We convince ourselves that we'll use it again, but hey, I know how it goes and it just probably isn't in the cards for that bundle of cilantro.

Susan and I usually have an avocado or two around the house. You can buy them when they are unripe to sit on a few days before you decide its fate, or get them ripe ready to use from the grocery store. Determining the ripeness of an avocado is easy to do as well. You want to press on the fat, bulb side of the avocado. It should give a bit but still be somewhat firm. If it is super soft, the flesh inside is already going to have started going bad. If it is hard and doesn't give, it isn't quite ready to eat yet, but still is a fine candidate for purchase as long as you don't plan on using it that day.

So here is the trick. Go to a larger Jewel or Dominicks. In their ethnic (aka Mexican!) food isle, you will likely come across a bunch of Frontera Foods salsas. In case you are unaware, the entire Frontera line is owned/designed by Chef Rick Bayless. If you're lucky, they will have the Frontera guacamole mix available. Cut up a couple avocados, pour in a bit of the Guacamole mix, mash it up, and enjoy. It is a quick way to get a very tasty guacamole without all the extra effort. The difference over Dean's neon green disgusting guacamole and that gross powdered version is highly apparent. If you happen to have a chile or some cilantro, mix it in as well, but it is quite fine to eat as is.

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